We practice Christian baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Baptism is the sign of welcome in the Christian community. For children, it is the sign that God loves and welcomes them and that they have a place in God's family when they choose to make their own faith commitment. For adults, it is both a sign of God's love, and also their own response of faith to God's love for them.

When a child is baptised, parents are asked to make a public declaration of their own faith in Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord, and to promise to bring their child up in the life and worship of the Christian church. The church community also promises to care for and welcome the child and to show God's love for them. For that reason, baptism normally takes place in the setting of one of our services. 

If a family cannot in conscience take the promises of baptism, but still want to celebrate the birth of their child, we are happy to carry out a service of blessing which does not include promises or the use of water, but which still reflects God's love for that child. The ministry team are happy to talk to anyone with questions about baptism.

We are happy to baptise adults who have not already been baptised as children and who wish to declare their own faith in God. Often this happens in connection with taking the promises of church membership. For those who have already been baptised we can offer services of confirmation or blessing as appropriate to the circumstances. Speak to the minister for advice and information on any of these possibilities.