The loss of a loved family member or friend is a difficult time and as a Christian church we seek to care in Christ's name.

A member of our ministry team will be happy to visit, and to arrange to conduct a funeral service. We will do this for anyone in our parish, not just church members. The services we offer are Christian services, so they always include Bible readings and prayers. There will normally be a tribute and address, and if you want them, hymns or songs. There is scope for family members and friends to participate in various parts of the service, to use appropriate music or poems, and to arrange things in a way fitting to the circumstances.

Services can take place in various settings. We are happy to make one of our church buildings available, and if you choose that we will help with an organist and welcome team. Sometimes services take place in private homes, funeral parlours, at a graveside or in a crematorium (or a combination of these). We'll help in any of these settings.

We don't make any charges for ministry team members to lead services or for the use of our buildings for a funeral service, so no-one is excluded. Families are free to make whatever donations or contributions are appropriate according to their circumstances.

If your first point of contact is with an undertaker, ask them to arrange for a member of the ministry team at St Kenneth's to conduct the service if that is what you would like.