Weddings are a joyful occasion for any family and at St Kenneth's we try to help to make the celebration special.

Anyone who lives in our parish, or who is a member of our congregation, or who has a close family connection with our parish is welcome to speak to the minister about arranging a wedding.

Many weddings take place in the setting of one of the church buildings and that can have a very special atmosphere, but services can take place anywhere that is suitable for a Christian service, and many venues have been used over the years. If the venue is outside our parish, the minister does need approval from the local parish minister for that area, but this is usually not a difficulty.

Our understanding of marriage is that husband and wife are making a lasting commitment to one another by the promises they take. They make their promises publicly and in the eyes of God, so it is an important commitment. Any wedding we conduct will include Bible readings prayers and promises, but services can be adapted to include anything that is fitting in the context of Christian worship, so there's plenty of scope to personalise things.

Contact the minister if you want to meet to talk about the possibility of making wedding arrangements.