'Light from Luke' Meditations

Light from Luke



This, in many respects, is a harrowing chapter. Set in the Temple, Jesus is concerned throughout the chapter with describing what will happen as the time for His coming again in glory approaches. His descriptions are quite graphic, and leave us with little doubt that the coming again of our Lord will not be the kind of event to be illustrated on Christmas cards, as with His first coming.

But towards the end of Jesus’ discussion about those final days, Jesus underlines that which will be the one constant as this world fades away and the new heaven and the new earth are born – His words. In verse 33: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” So no matter what happens, Jesus’ words remain true. Whatever happens, His word of love is eternal, His word of grace is eternal.

The challenge is: will we heed His eternal word, even as God gives us grace to respond to it?


Lord Jesus, help us, we pray, to trust in Your eternal word, and to respond to the love, grace and mercy which You speak to us by how we live our lives. Amen.



Today, we arrive at a ‘cliff-hanger’ moment, a moment in the story of Jesus and His disciples which seems so familiar to us, and yet which left the disciples perplexed. They were seated at a table, and as the host, Jesus distributes bread and wine. Nothing new there, you might think. But it is what Jesus says as He distributes that sets this meal apart:

“This is my body”

“This cup is sealed in my blood”.

This would have been perplexing enough, but then Jesus says that the one who would hand Him over to die was among them. This really set the disciples on edge.

I wonder if, when we take bread and wine as believers today, we sometimes forget the drama of that first holy supper. Perhaps there is a place for remembering what the disciples went through that night. Perhaps we should feel just a bit uneasy about the whole affair. After all, how would we have felt at that meal?

Yet, if we feel uneasy, it ought only to be for a moment. For God intends us ultimately to know with great assurance just how much he loves us. Above all, that is what this supper is intended to convey.


Lord, we do pause to reflect on all that You and Your disciples went through that night. But most of all, we thank You for Your love. Forgive us when we take that love for granted, and help us to share that love with all people. For Your love’s sake. Amen.