Malawi Partnership

St Kenneth's recently completed its support for for three joiners and a nurse/midwife, all from villages around Lusangazi.

We also supported Febbe's education at a special school for the deaf.


The Microfinance Project saw a group of women from the Women's Guild in Lusangazi training to manage small loans. They were provided with starting capital of around £2000, later topped up with a further £1000, and loans of up to £30 are made to women locally with income-generating ideas. The money has been lent out and returned a number of times over. Projects include growing and selling vegetables, kidney beans, peanuts and dried mushrooms, buying and selling plastic cups, bowls and basins, trading in bananas, and embroidering furniture cloths. 


The recently completed Guild craft house is a resource for the community used for projects like the microfinance, for meetings and training, and with potential for a wide range of future uses. 


The congregation in Lusangazi are focusing their attentions on completing the building of a manse. This is not a partnership project, but St Kenneth's Malawi partnership made a contribution of £1000 towards Lusangazi's fundraising for this project. There is also a need for a prayer house in a remote village called Kaboko, and we were able to contribute £750 in December 2014 to start that project. 

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