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Soul Space at St Kenneth's 


Soul Space provides a sacred space, a space to explore, to reflect, to pray, to find peace, stillness and refreshment - it is your time to spend with God and you can come and go as you please. Various prayer installations are set up around the Church to help people engage and reflect on the theme, with music playing and a power point presentation showing images which link with the theme and also a short led reflection.

In our busy hectic lives, Soul Space gives us the chance to 'Be still and know God', to refresh, reflect, renew and relax in God's presence.

Please take a look at our Soul Space photo album on our photo page.

April 2019 Soul Space on Jesus as Human and Divine

On Tuesday 9th April our Soul Space reflected on the theme of Jesus as both human and divine. We reflected on the meekness and majesty of Jesus by looking at how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us; how Jesus was tempted in the wilderness yet did not sin; how Jesus felt human agony and anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane yet followed God's divine will; and how Jesus could be thirsty because He was fully human, but He could walk on water because He was fully divine. 

December 2018 Soul Space on Advent and Waiting

On Tuesday 11th December our Soul Space reflected on the theme of Advent and Waiting. We considered the various times in our lives when we must learn to wait and watch and how that waiting can make us feel. We reflected on Mary's time of pregnant, purposeful and prayerful waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled as she prepared for Christ to be born. We thought about what we could learn from Mary's waiting and openness of heart to receive Christ and so allow Him to be born in our hearts and dwell in our lives not just at Advent but at all times.   

October 2018 Soul Space on 'Open Doors of Opportunity'

On Thursday 18th October our Soul Space reflected on the theme of 'Open Doors of Opportunity' and 'Following God's Way'. We thought about the many open doors God lays before us and how we should trust Him to light the path as we seek to follow His ways.  

December 2017 Soul Space on Advent

On Thursday 7th December our Soul Space reflected on the Advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love and how Jesus is the light in the darkness of the world.

September 2017 Soul Space on Psalm 139

On Thursday 28th September our Soul Space reflected on Psalm 139 and how we are created in God's image. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and woven together in God's love, each of us unique and each with a part to play in God's bigger picture.

June 2017 Soul Spaces on 'Seasons of Life'

On Thursday 15th June our Soul Space reflected on the theme of 'Seasons of Life'. We looked at the passage from Ecclesiastes 3 and reflected on how God created all life and He is always faithful and with us in every season of our lives and so we need to trust God and learn to embrace whatever season we are in knowing that God is always holding us tenderly in His love and He has a purpose and a plan for each of us. 

Many folks appreciated the peaceful space and opportunity to be still in God's presence, to engage with prayer stations and reflect on the theme while listening to relaxing music. 

March 2017 Soul Space on Lent Testings and Triumphs

Our Lent Soul Space took place on Thursday 9th March at Kennoway Church when we reflected on the testings and triumphs of our Lent journey, thinking of our struggles and temptations in wilderness and desert moments of life and how Jesus is always with us, understanding and carrying us through these times. We also reflected on Jesus's agony in Gethsemane and how through Christ's suffering on the cross we are made whole, cleansed, forgiven and reconciled with God.

Many people appreciated the time and space to be still in God's presence and to reflect on their faith journey. It was a very meaningful time particularly sharing communion together at the foot of the cross.

October 2016 Soul Space on Harvest and Giving Thanks

Our second Soul Space took place on Thursday 13th October at Kennoway Church when we reflected on the theme of Harvest and giving thanks for God's plentiful provision and bountiful blessings. Around the Church there were various prayer installations set up to help people engage and reflect on the theme including a PowerPoint presentation for people to watch, copies of poetry and prayers for people to read and take away, displays portraying the harvest of land and sea and God’s goodness to us, prayer walls where people could write prayers of thankfulness to God and prayers for our Community asking for a harvest of God’s love to be sown and reaped within the Community. Many people came along throughout the day and appreciated the space in the Church to ‘Be still and know God’, to take time out from our hectic lives and just sit and enjoy the ambient music and prayerful space, to refresh, reflect, renew and relax in God’s presence, giving thanks for God’s goodness to us and considering how we can faithfully respond to His love by offering Him our whole lives in service. There was also tea, coffee and home baking available in the office throughout the day and many folks enjoyed the fellowship and opportunity to chat while having some refreshments.

May 2016 Soul Space on Pentecost and Fire of the Spirit

Our first Soul Space at Kennoway Church on 19th May was a fantastic experience.There have been many positive comments from those who attended saying it was 'absolutely amazing, brilliant, so calming, thought provoking and inspiring' and many also said how much they appreciated the time and space, the stillness and peace. 













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